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The suffering comes before the life, and not with the life. From this everything and we begin and to that point we come back, but after a complete transformation, a total metamorphosis.

Everything born with the pain, we born suffering. The suffering comes immediately with the abandonment and the loniless, comes from the desperateness as everything was already written in our first crying just born. A divine choice that decides who has to suffer and who not, and with which kind of sensibility and intensity.

The society destroys us, it crushes us, it forces us to the slavery. They want us losers. People insults us and you know that they are not valid, less than nothing, but they win at the same.

We express ourselves in the best way to find a voice in the world to desire after only to disappear.

If the pain is the place where the soul born, the feeling and the emotion are the way to express it and to obtain authenticy. If suffering we feel everything in its inwardness, the art in each item is the way to transmit it, it is the way to speak with the world to say: ”I AM HERE”.

These pictures want really to show you the desperation, make that you begin a part of it, that you can recognize in it,  to understand it and at the end to fraternize  with the suffering spirits. Only if your are elected to the suffering.
These pictures would like that you reflect about the small border between individuality, eccentricity and madness. In the always smaller spaces where we move to search of an impossible balance, about the possibility that the art could save us, again and always the life. We must go on anyway, we must pull out our poetry also is pulling it out it lacerates the soul.

 “Not be afraid, the worst is finished”.



12 January 2016
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27 January 2016
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28 February 2016
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18 March 2016
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25 March 2016
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May – June 2016
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June 2016
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November - December 2016
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April 2017
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November 2017
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